Natural Dog Treats For Those With Allergies – 8 Recipes!

Natural Dog Treats For Those With Allergies – 8 Recipes!

Healthy Dog Treats That Are Allergy Friendly!

Unless you have experienced it first-hand, you may not know that our furry friends can suffer from allergies too. Whether caused by environmental factors, certain cleaning products or by dietary sensitivities, our dogs can’t tell us when they’re struggling with an allergy.

When you do have a pup that has dietary sensitivities, it can be hard to give them treats and yummy bites as most pet treats are full of grain, meat or preservatives. So, to stop your pet missing out, we have looked into homemade natural dog treats made suitable for most pup’s dietary requirements.

Natural Dog Treats For Those With Allergies: What Can They Be Allergic To?

Unfortunately for our pooches, they can suffer from many of the same allergies we do. And, just like us, they can develop these intolerances over time or suddenly react to something out of nowhere! So knowing how to support a pup with allergies is relevant to all of us doggy parents - you never know if your pup may fall victim to an allergy.

For example, did you know that your pup can develop an allergy from over-exposure? If you have always fed your furry friend the same chicken-based wet food, eventually they may begin to develop an intolerance to chicken and experience some sudden painful side effects.

The most common types of food allergies come from protein such as; chicken, beef, lamb, pork or dairy or you may discover their allergy is more carbohydrate-based; corn, wheat, yeast or soy.

Noticing an allergy can be easy with external and physical symptoms such as;

  • Sneezing
  • Licking
  • Scratching
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Sore ears
  • Itchy, puffy & runny eyes
  • Inflamed skin
  • Hair loss

If you notice your pooch showing these signs, they could be suffering from an allergy! This is why it is important to be as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to your dog’s diet and requirements. Take a look at some easy homemade health dog treats recipes you can use to spoil your favourite furry pup...

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Health Dog Treats – Allergy-Friendly: Frozen Apple Bites

Especially on a hot summer’s day, a tasty frozen apple bite is perfect to help cool down your pup. While you and the family are enjoying a bbq, your pooch can sit with you all and chomp down on a few of these yummy treats. Apples are perfectly healthy for dogs, too, helping their digestion and boosting their overall health.


- 2 Apples
- Water
- 130g of plain yogurt

How To Make The Frozen Apple Bites

First off, you need to make sure that you have an ice cube tray that you can freeze your apple bites in. Slice the 2 apples into small cubes, removing the seeds and the core. Add the cut-up apples to a bowl and pour the cup of yogurt in. Slowly add a splash of water, making sure you don’t make the mixture too runny. Blend the contents together until you have an even, liquid consistency.

Pour the apple mixture into the ice cube tray and place into a freezer until the cubes solidify. Pop the individual bites out of the tray and empty into a container, storing them back in the freezer to stop them from melting. Give your pooch one a day as a delicious snack and watch them gobble up the tasty treat.

Health Dog Treats – Allergy-Friendly:Peanut Butter & Banana Treats

These hypoallergenic treats are the perfect healthy snack choice for your pooch. The smooth blend of banana, peanut butter and coconut oil mixed with the crunch of oats creates a delicious treat for your pup.

NOTE: This homemade treat may not be suitable for a pup that has extreme reactions to the grain.


- 2 ripe bananas
- 3 cups of oats
- 30g of peanut butter
- 60ml of melted coconut oil

How To Make The Peanut Butter & Banana Treats

To start, pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees celsius and leave to warm up. Take a large mixing bowl and add all the ingredients to it, mixing everything together. If the mixture consistency is too sticky, add a few tablespoons of oats. Knead the dough until it all sits together and use a rolling pin to flatten the banana oat mix until it is even and has a thickness of ¼ inch.

Taking a cookie cutter of your choosing – a bone or a heart shape are always a winner - cut out as many treats as you’re able and place them onto a baking tray. Pop into your pre-heated oven and leave for 10 – 15 minutes, or until they have turned a golden brown. Take out the oven and leave to cool. When you think they’re cool enough, add to a pot and keep in the fridge – ready to treat your pooch whenever they deserve a little snack.

Health Dog Treats – Allergy-Friendly:Frozen Pumpkin Nibbles

With Fall fast approaching, it means we will be seeing a lot more pumpkins around as we get ready for Halloween. As it is a time for us to all get a few treats and spoil ourselves with candy, why not also give your dog a few delicious goodies too? These easy to make frozen snacks are great for your pup if they have grain or meat allergies!


- 130g of plain yogurt
- 130g of sliced pumpkin
- 65g of peanut butter

How To Make The Frozen Pumpkin Nibbles?

First things first, you need to turn your sliced pumpkin into a smooth paste. Using a blender, pop all the pumpkin into a bowl and blend until there are no lumps – just an even consistency. Once you’re happy with the pumpkin and there are no lumps, add the ½ cup of peanut butter and the cup of plain yogurt to the bowl and mix all the ingredients together.

Taking an ice tray, pour the contents into the sections and place into your freezer. Leave overnight, or until the pumpkin nibbles have frozen. Once solid, remove from the tray and give your pup one of the icy treats. Keep the nibbles in the freezer and spoil your pooch with a tasty frozen pumpkin snack when you want to show them that little bit of extra TLC.

Health Dog Treats – Allergy-Friendly:Banana & Coconut Bites

These yummy bites are amazing! With a simple ingredient, you can make your pup these delicious goodies can help cool your pup down after a long walk, or a hot day in the sunshine. The banana, coconut and the sprinkle of ginger are all healthy foods to treat your dog with food sensitivities, and fight inflammation.

While the coconut and ginger will provide your pooch with important antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to improve digestion, the banana will be a great source of potassium and other vitamins to support their overall health. Who knew a snack could be so healthy?


- 1 banana
- ¼ teaspoon of ginger (ground)
- 120ml cup of melted coconut oil

How To Make The Banana & Coconut Bites

Take the banana and mash up with a fork into a large mixing bowl. Add the melted coconut oil to the banana and stir the two together until blended into a doughy mixture. Sprinkle the ginger into the bowl and knead everything together.

Add the content into a silicone mould (a shape of your choosing), making sure you fill to the top. Pop into the freezer until set and test the bites on your pooch. The flavours, texture and cooling temperature should make this treat a favourite with your furry friend! Store these bites in an airtight container in the freezer.

Health Dog Treats – Allergy-Friendly:Sweet Potato Chews

Now, unless your dog has an allergy to sweet potato, these chews are amazing as a hypoallergenic doggy treat. These jerky type snacks are great when you have a teething pup or just want to give your dog something a bit tougher to get their teeth into.


- ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon
- 1 large sweet potato
- 1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil

How To Make The Sweet Potato Chews

Turn your oven on to 250 degrees celsius and leave to reach optimum heat. Take your sweet potato and cut into even slices – each around ¼ inch thick. Mix the cinnamon and the coconut oil together and paint onto the slices of sweet potato. Pop onto a baking tray and place into the oven. Leave to bake for 3 hours – or until the potato turns into a chewy/jerky texture. Once done, leave on the side to cool and store in an airtight container.

Health Dog Treats – Allergy-Friendly:Zucchini Treats

I know it sounds a bit strange, but dogs love the taste of zucchini! This vegetable is a great meat substitute if your pup has sensitivities to most meat products. Packed with vitamins, fibre, and potassium, these treats are more than just tasty. Similar to the sweet potato chews, these zucchini treats are a wonderful, simple alternative to jerky – just without the meat by-product. It is the perfect, easy and healthy snack to spoil your pup with.


- 1 zucchini
- 2 tablespoons of olive oil
- 1 tablespoon of ground mustard (dry)

How To Make The Zucchini Treats?

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius. Take your zucchini and slice into chunks – about 1/8 of an inch thick. Pour the olive oil onto the zucchini slices and place onto a baking tray. Pick your flavouring (we have chosen ground mustard) and sprinkle it on top. Pop the treats into the oven and leave to slowly bake for 4-6 hours, until the zucchini turns crispy and chewy. Store in an airtight container and leave in the fridge, ready for your pup when they need a little pick me up.

Health Dog Treats – Allergy-Friendly:Dried Banana

Unfortunately, lots of banana treats on the market for your pup are plagued with unhealthy preservatives. But, lucky for your pooch, homemade banana sticks are easy and quick to make – and extremely cost-effective.


- 2 bananas
- Fresh lemon
- Organic/raw honey

How To Make The Dried Banana Sticks

Turn your oven to 210 degrees celsius and leave to heat. Remove the skin of the bananas and cut in half (lengthwise). Lay the banana slices onto a baking tray and drizzle the fresh lemon over the sticks. Add the banana to the oven and leave to cook for an hour and a half, remove and leave to cool. Now it is time to drizzle the honey on the warm sticks and let it set. Store these treats in the fridge in an airtight container. 

Health Dog Treats – Allergy-Friendly:Almond & Oatmeal Snacks

Making a few nibbles for your pooch at home can be extremely easy! These yummy goodies for your furry friend are just as simple as making a batch of cookies for a bake sale – but you can give them all to your pup. So, when you have the added worry of an allergy, these are they treat for your fluffy one…


- 2 eggs
- 65g of almond butter
- 65g of oatmeal
- 2 tablespoons of water
- 130g of rice flour

How To Make The Almond & Oatmeal Snacks

Switch on your oven to 180 degrees celsius to start these yummy snacks for your favourite four-legged friend. Grab a bowl and put all the ingredients (except the water) in, mixing everything together until it all turns into a dough-like consistency. Roll the content out onto the side and flatten with a rolling pin – aim for ¼ inch thickness. Using a cookie cutter, cut the dough and place the individual shapes onto a baking tray.

Place the baking tray into the oven and cook for 12 minutes – or until the oatmeal snacks turn golden brown. Take the treats and keep in an airtight container, storing them in a cupboard – out of reach of your curious pooch.

Our Final Thoughts On Natural Dog Treats For Those With Allergies

The thought of your pup missing out on being a little spoilt because they have food sensitivities is upsetting. Why should they miss out on a yummy treat? Thankfully, with all the easy healthy dog treats recipes above, you can reward your pup just as much as the others, showing them just how good they are. So, try a few of these tasty nibbles, test them on your pup and they will no doubt let you know which ones are their favourite!

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