The 'Master' Vitamin Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About!

The 'Master' Vitamin Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About!

Can Dogs Have Vitamin C?

You might not know this, but your pooch needs vitamins just as much as us humans do. We all need a little extra boost sometimes, just to keep our bodies healthy and running smoothly. Dogs, however, can naturally produce a lot of vitamins within their bodies themselves. But even though this is the case, sometimes external factors can have a negative effect on your pet and their natural ability to produce these needed vitamins.

That’s where you, the doggy parent, come to the rescue! It’s time you knew about the super vitamin that can help your dog in more ways than one!

Here at Petlab Co., we want you to know how important Vitamin C is to your dog’s health and wellbeing! Introducing this vitamin to your dog will not only help them live a healthy, longer life, but it will improve your dog’s ability to cope with times of sudden stress, illness or change.

Take a look below to discover the main reasons why you need to start adding Vitamin C into your dogs’ diet…

Vitamin C For Dogs: The Benefits

Did you know, that if your dog is sick, ill or stressed, their bodies will naturally lower the production of Vitamin C? And, when your dog is experiencing emotional and physical stress, these negative factors will deplete Vitamin C supplies, too? Researchers have found that dogs with a fever or dogs that regularly exert themselves, will have a low, or even non-existent, Vitamin C level.

It’s during these vulnerable times that your fluffy friend will need the extra support from vitamins to help give them the boost to stay healthy and happy.

Vitamin C For Dogs: Supports Joint Health

Your dog’s joints are very important, not only for their mobility but also for their overall wellbeing. A dog that is in a lot of pain, isn’t a happy dog at all. So, it’s extremely important to keep your dog’s joints healthy and disease free. Luckily, Vitamin C helps to maintain the health and production of collagen – a protein that is the essential building blocks of joint cartilage. Adding Vitamin C to your pup’s diet can help prevent arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other degenerative joint diseases.

Vitamin C For Dogs: Provides Antioxidants

Antioxidants - we know they are good for us, and provide an abundance of health benefits, but did you know that they’re extremely beneficial to your dog’s health, too?! And - you guessed it - you can find antioxidants in Vitamin C. This clever vitamin works as both an oxygen interceptor (protecting the cells from being destroyed by oxidation) and blocks out any free-radicals (toxic by-products of oxygen that can harm cells and tissue).

By introducing the vitamin to your dog, you will, in turn, protect them from the daily threats that could cause bigger issues. It will keep them at a lower risk from infection and illness, which leads us to our next point...

Vitamin C For Dogs: Boosts Immune System

Your pooch’s immune system is extremely important when it comes to their health - obviously. Just the same as us, the immune system fights any foreign invaders that might be trying to attack/infect your dog. If their immune system is weak, a simple walk around the park or a trip to the kennels could leave your pooch vulnerable to a lot of illnesses.

Vitamin C can benefit the immune system by improving white blood cell activity and increase the levels of interferon - a natural antiviral/anti-cancer compound – and antibodies in the blood…that’s a lot of health benefits from a simple vitamin! Once you start getting the vitamin into your dog’s diet, it will act as a preventative. If you do find that your pooch has contracted a fever or illness, they will have the support from Vitamin C and recover quicker.  

Vitamin C For Dogs: Can Aid In Preventing Cancer

Now, none of us ever want to see our much-loved furry friends suffer, so the idea of them having canine cancer can be quite hard to swallow. Although we can’t tell you how to completely stop your dog from developing cancer, we can help you by trying to find ways of preventing it. Vitamin C is a natural carcino-preventative agent that can help counteract the effects and the development of cancer cells…What can’t this vitamin do?!

The older your dog gets, the higher their chance is of becoming ill - it’s an unfortunate fact of life. Keeping them healthy throughout their years can lower the chances of them developing a life-threatening illness.

So, Can Dogs Have Vitamin C? ... YES!

It’s amazing that something so simple can benefit your dog’s health and wellbeing in such a huge way. Adding Vitamin C to your dog's diet will not only keep your pooch healthy but can improve their ability to fight back any infection or illness that they might contract during their lives.

As their puppy parent, you need to make sure you’re doing all that you can to help keep your dog as healthy as possible. If you're unsure about how you can get Vitamin C into your dog's diet, look to dog specific supplements made by a reputable, ethical pet brand. It’s time to give your dog' the support that they need!


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