Help Us Eradicate The Dog Meat Trade

Every single year, it's estimated that 30 million dogs and 10 million cats are slaughtered for the dog meat trade in Asia.
Thousands of dogs and cats of all breeds, many of them beloved family pets still wearing their collars, are taken from the streets and forced into tiny cages on a trader’s truck, where many of them suffer broken limbs and are starved of food and water.
When they finally arrive at the dog meat markets, injured, dehydrated and exhausted, the fate that awaits them is worse than we can imagine.
Bludgeoned to death.
Boiled alive.
All for the gain of dog meat farmers.
Although the number of dogs slaughtered for the South Korean markets has declined, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of dogs brutally killed each year.

Charities like The Humane Society International are committed to ending the dog meat trade and helping save as many animals as possible from this horrible fate.
The work they do is incredible and effective, aiming to shut down their 16th and 17th Dog Meat Farm by 2020.
That’s why it’s so important to us to help, too, and proudly support the HSI.
Together, we can make a huge difference to the lives of these animals.
Here at the Petlab Co. we pledge to donate $3 from every single sale this weekend to The Humane Society International. Plus, we'll give you 25% off your purchase, as a thank you from us.
As animal lovers, let’s join hands and help end the trade of dog meat once and for all.