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Joint Care Chews

Our joint care chews have been specially formulated with a broad spectrum of powerful ingredients, hear from just a handful of our customers below about their experiences with using our chews.

This is Alushe he just turned 13. He was paralyzed from a hernial disc when he was 5. he has been on the joint chews now for almost a year and he looks like a puppy and acts like it.

Brenda A

“WOW what a difference in my baby. Barkley is a 12 year old Chinese Sharpei and starting limping 6 months ago, he is like a 2 yr old puppy now. THANK you Petlab Co. for helping my baby feel better. Customer for life.”

Heather G
Heather G

“This is Tucker. He is 11. He was having trouble in his back ends so I bought the hip and joint chews for him. They have helped him tremendously. Thank you.”

Jody G
Jody G

My dog Kira has been enjoying her joint care chew for almost a year now and is really doing well with it.


“We stopped in our tracks when Bear started to “chase” the two puppies in our backyard. It lasted a full few minutes of pure fun for Bear before he found his spot and rested. We love our senior boy! ❤️”

Heather B
Heather B

Boscoe is 11 years old and has been taking the joint support supplements for a little over a month! He is like a puppy again, full of energy!!!”

Kristi L
Kristi L

I tried joint chews just to see if it would help her quality of life. 6 months later and she now runs around in the backyard, chases her brother, and chases the kids.

Nicole N

“This is Bear! Doing very well on the chews. She has hip dysplasia at only 3 years old.. loving life ❤️”

Jackie M
Jackie M

“We gave her the joint chews and just 5 min ago she was running up the stairs again! She will be 15 next month! I’m just so amazed how quickly Sally recovered! Back to being a puppy she is! 🐶”

Jerlie A
Jerlie A

“He has been back on the joint chews for about 3.5 weeks. This week he has actually been running and doing some low jumping. Anyone that wonders if these chews work, YES they do.🐾🐾❤🐾🐾”

Donna C
Donna C

Dental Formula

Our dental formula plays a key role in the overall dental hygiene of so many dogs worldwide. It reduces plaque, tartar, and the risk of gum disease. See how it could help your dog below.

Good morning everyone! Our 11 month old Samoyed Latte is a consumer of Petlab’s Dental Formula! Her breath surely always smells fresh!”

Desiree S

My 3 fur babies and I have been using the dental formula and it works wonderfully.

Lori B
Lori B

So, two bottles later, the black at the top of his teeth is turning brown, and the brown towards the middle of his teeth is clearing up. I’ve been using it ever since. His teeth are in very good condition.

Dani B
Dani B

This is my fur love Chester. He is a Shih Tzu. We have been using the oral liquid in the water for about a year and a half. Friends always comment on how Chester has “ fresh breath”.

Daphne W
Daphne W

I love my Shitzus! I use the Dental Formula everyday for them! ❤️

Julie B
Julie B
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