Calming Chew Supplements

Benefits Of Our Calming Treats For Dogs

  • Supports A Relaxed Disposition:Specially formulated and produced for those dogs who exhibit nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment, environmentally-induced stress or unwarranted agitation in everyday scenarios.
  • Helps Maintain Calmness:The ingredients profile of our calming supplements for dogs has been selected to help directly affect your dog’s behavior positively, whilst also supporting normal emotional balance and calmness.
  • Non-Drowsy:Aids relaxation without drowsiness or lethargy. The composition of our calming supplements means that your pet may be better equipped and able to cope with external stressors and environmental changes.
  • Promotes Mental Alertness:Helps your pet to feel confident and calm, as well as alert and awake. This is important as you need to ensure they are active and responsive to their environment as well as potential dangers.
  • Helps Maintain Emotional Balance:Keeping a normal emotional balance will help your pet feel calm and relaxed in otherwise stressful situations, without changing or altering their personality.

Daily Feeding Guide For Calming Chews

  • For dogs under 10kg, feed them ½ a chew per day, by itself or crumbled onto their food..
  • For dogs under 10kg - 35kg, feed them 1 chew per day, by itself or crumbled onto their food.
  • For dogs over 35kg, feed them 2 chews per day, by itself or crumbled onto their food.
Product Facts

Form: Chew

Product Weight: 120 g

Store in a cool, dry place. Ensure the tub is closed properly after use.

The information contained within this site is not intended as a substitute for professional medical or veterinary advice. If your pet has, or you suspect your pet has any medical condition you are urged to consult your veterinarian. Medical conditions can only be diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian.

*Analytical Results May Vary. Not intended for human consumption. Please consult your veterinarian regarding any change in treatment or supplementation.

About Our Calming Dog Chews

Our uniquely composed calming chews are for dogs who require help to be relaxed and at peace. If your dog exhibits nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment, or environmentally induced stress, then our calming supplements could help your pet maintain a calm and relaxed disposition. Mental alertness is also maintained. Using a blend of organic chamomile, valerian root, and passionflower, our chews can help target stress, supporting balanced behavior. Calmness itself is a sign of emotional balance, and a calmer dog is a happier dog!

What’s Inside Our Total Calm Chews?

Ginger root powder

Ginger root powder

Ginger is well-known for it's antiemetic powers, helping your dog's digestive system, but it can also aid bloating, internal inflammation and prevent arthritis!

Valerian Root

Valerian Root

Valerian root has mild sedative qualities which makes it ideal for helping dogs maintain normal stress levels. Valerian root itself induces a soporific result, helping your dog to feel calmer and more restful.

Organic Chamomile

Organic Chamomile

Enjoyed since the 13th century, it has been proven to be a natural and safe calming aid for dogs, promoting good health and fighting stress. It has also been widely used for separation anxiety and trouble sleeping.



A widely studied amino acid that works to support and alleviate the stress response. L-Tryptophan is a precursor for serotonin, which plays a vital role in your dog’s wellbeing.

Full List of Ingredients

How To Use Our Calming Chews

Questions & Answers

How much melatonin do the calming chews have?

There are minimal traces of melatonin in our Calming Chews

How quickly do the Total Calm Chews work?

Total Calm Chews aim to work quickly to have a calming effect on the nerves, and are effective in helping to maintain a normal and relaxed disposition. For aggressive or nervous dogs, these chews may help curb destructive behavior over time. Please check our Daily Feeding Guide to see how much you should give to your dog daily. As with all supplements, continued intake will increase efficacy.

What happens if I accidentally feed my dog too many Total Calm Chews?

If you do accidentally feed your dog too many chews, see a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you’re unsure how many chews to give your dog, please see the Daily Feeding Guide at the top of the page.

Do the Calming Chews help with compulsive behaviour?

We believe the calming chews would be able to help alleviate anxiety in dogs and generally help them feel more relaxed, comfortable and less inclined to resort to compulsive behaviour.



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